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World of Little Gods

Posted by rajasirji on October 9, 2009 at 10:52 PM

copyright 02-27-2009

Christ started walking along the 79th Park Avenue, lostin his heavenly thoughts. People were passing by, grinning and passingremark, “Nice get up, buddy! Just out of studio!" and so on.




The priest, Mathew Walter, was keenly following him, trying toremain as close to him as he could in the hustle and bustle of the NewYork streets."May God nobody hurt him again!"He murmured to himself.The word 'again' was uttered with a sense of pain.




"What is this, my friend?"Christ asked a street vendor, indicating towards a bar of chocolate.




"Get lost, you pauper!"The young vendor, with his headphones on, shouted at him.




"God bless you!"Smiled Christ and moved on.




Matthew Walter approached the vendor and bought two bars of chocolate and continued his pursuit.





Whole day Matthew followed Lord Jesus Christ, but he was unable tohave a word with Him, for the moment he caught up with Him, suddenly,he felt as if a force was trying to hold his tongue. The bars ofchocolate were still clenched in his sweating hand. It was the month ofJuly and the sweltering heat was unbearable.




He remembered his country church where 8 orphans would be waitingfor him. He had come to New York to buy new clothes for the poorchildren. His wife,Elda,had reminded him emphatically that he wouldhave to come back before the sun was down. Now, it was 1:00pm.He couldnot keep his eyes off Jesus.




At one place Jesus stopped and sat down on the steps of a largebuilding. A security personal came out shouting,"Hey! You joker, whatare you sitting here for?"




"Can you give me some water, my friend?" smiled Christ at him.




"Get lost! This is not a charity. You will have to buy water here”,the guard pulled His arm to lift him and push him away from the stairsteps.




Matthew was watching all this with his watery eyes. He wanted to donear Christ, but an invisible force was resisting him. May be ,Lordhimself wanted him to stay away. It was quite strange to him. He couldnot understand why only he was being kept from approaching Christ whileothers were mocking at Him and literally pushing Him away from theirways.








The pursuit of Lord Christ went on for hours but, ultimately, thepriest lost Him in the crowd. With sad heart, he began to walk towardsthe market to buy clothes for his dependants. It was nearing 6:00pm,and the last train to his village departed at 8:00pm.




Though he bought the required articles of clothing for the kids,his mind was trying to bring back the figure of Jesus. How surprisedhis wife would be? Would she believe him?




When Matthew reached home, it was ten minutes to midnight. In spiteof having brought all the things as he had been advised by his wife,his steps felt to be heavier while walking through the church gate. Inthe small cottage behind the church, he and his wife had made theirlittle heaven. Though childless, the couple found their happiness amongthe orphans which were brought to the church from various parts of thecountry.




When he stepped into his room, he faltered for a second because he saw Christ playing with the little kids.




"He is a poor man who has no place to live, so I gave him shelter in our church, “his wife whispered in his ear.




Before he could tell her that how wrong she was that the verychurch had been built to worship that very Person whom she had called"a poor man”, she continued, “He seems to have some kind of mentalillness because he calls himself Jesus".




Matthew was bewildered and he had no words in his mouth. How hecould convince her that the Person playing with the children was LordJesus Christ. Finally, He rallied courage and addressed to the Lord,"Lord, may I ask you a question?'




"Yes, my son, “smiled Jesus.




"Why have you come to my humble abode?"Matthew asked with both hands folded.




"Because no one wants me outside. They are ignorant and innocentpeople. They laugh at me and push me around. I forgive them. But youhave bought chocolates for me. Won’t you give those chocolates to me,Matthew?"




The priest stammered and with shaking hands pulled the chocolatesout of his pocket. Jesus took the bars of chocolates and gave to thechildren.




Next morning, the news spread like jungle fire that an imposter hadentered the church and he called himself Jesus. People began to gatherin front of the priest's cottage. They were shouting, “Send theimposter out! Hand him over to us!"




Matthew did not know what to do. He took the Jesus to the back doorand told him to run away. Jesus smiled and said that this is not thefirst time I am facing this. He added that he had faced the ire of thepeople before he was crucified.




Somehow Matthew succeeded to convince the people and told them togo away. When he reentered his room, he found that Jesus was not there.




Next morning, he took the final step and, without giving anyreason, left the church. To his wife, he only said, “The church whereJesus is not welcome can not be the place of worship. They can sell hisfaith, earn through the faith, teach the faith, worship the faith, butwhen He comes before them, they call Him an imposter”. He began to weeplike a child. His wife could not understand what had happened to him.




Raja sir

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Reply SecretMae
11:14 PM on October 9, 2009 
You don't have a guestbook so I am leaving my welcome message here!
Reply SecretMae
11:17 PM on October 9, 2009 
By the way I like this site.

Reply anccricket
12:01 AM on October 10, 2009 
sir your site is extremely wonderful.It encourages todays generation to become great writers and poet.One day your site will be know to every person in this world.sir may god bless you so that you can inspire todays generation.thanks for adding me as a member of your site
Reply Rajasir
11:28 PM on October 18, 2009 
Thank you very much for the kind words which you have sent to me. It is only because of good people like you that the world is still on the go otherwise there was no chance.
God bless you

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