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Christ Goes Shopping

Posted by rajasirji on October 26, 2009 at 4:21 AM

copyright 09-15-2009

One day, God, from His Heavenly Seat, decided to send arepresentative back to the earth to personally observe humans and theiractivities, though God knew what they were doing. It was His plan toinform his Prophets that man has gone from bad to worse. He remindedthem how and why Adam had to be expelled from the Eden.

Lord Jesus Christ was nominated by God, for he was the one who hadsuffered the most through the hands of the humans in His time. No otherProphet whether it be Krishna, Rama, or Buddha had been crucified.

God gave Jesus speed and He opened his eyes in New York. By thattime the world had completely changed and the shopping was mostly doneon internet. One gentleman took Jesus into his house, thinking that Hewas a helpless stranger. It was not difficult for Jesus to master theskills of computer in a few seconds because God was sending Him thepower and thoughts.

Jesus decided to surf the web for internet shopping. He typed“Husband and Wife” in Google search. The results were in millions. Heentered the first site:


How to leave your husband

10 steps to a money smart divorce

Financial tips that will pay off in the long run!

Jesus was shocked and ashamed. He remembered His teachings. He feltlike a teacher who had completely failed. Suddenly, he found anothersite. The lines guaranteed happiness and long lasting pleasure.

Jesusthought there were some good people who were thinking about thehappiness of others. He clicked and entered the site:


How to date more than on person at a time

Benefits of multi dating

What to tell your dates

When the going gets physical!

Jesus had tears in His eyes and the children present in that roomwere looking at that strange man who was weeping just by reading a fewlines. He was so sad that he did not want to enter the world of theelders.

He typed “Children” in the Google search. The results appearedinstantly, thousands in number. Jesus clicked on the first link andentered the site:


Let kids sue parents

Don’t be slaves to your parents

Fight for your rights

We give special discounts to the children between 15 and 18!

He could not go any further. He got up slowly and went out of thehouse, without even meeting the host. After a while, He was standingbefore the God. He had no words in his mouth.



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