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English Hindi Stories 1: Be Homeless!






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From One Hell to Another

From One Hell to Another

Now she knew what all that was about. She had never thought from this angle. How easily these sleuths had joined the threads and woven an inescapable web! She believed that she was in a very deep shit. She knew that everything was against her. She began to reassess the situation, point by point-she was Muslim and she had married a Christian, her brother was arrested after the 9/11, her brother was a religious teacher, her husband had gone to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir, she had joined him after six months, they had trespassed in to Indian Territory, they were arrested, her brother was in Kashmir. It was not going to be easy for any one of them. Finding no help nearby, she began to weep. The women tried to console her but she did not stop...................

After about two hours, the FBI people went back. She had escaped from one hell to enter another. How she was going to get out was beyond her thoughts..........

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